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Jackie Jean begins its activities in 1989 specializing in clothing and slae of jeans' textile with embroderies.

The international success achieved makes us to diversify the manufacturing and the designing of new clothes. Actually, Jackie Jean group has a private team formed by designers of different nationalities and factories in Europe, Asia and Middle East. This strategy permits us a direct contact with different tendencies of each country designing exclusive models, using raw material of great quality satisfying all the necessities that our demanding clients ask for.

Our wide knowledge of the market has made us to begin a new experience the implantation of franchises. We get the total establishment of very profitable business giving our special touch, a characteristic and diferential style.

In this year our company celebrate its 25th anniversary as a fashion brand and commemorated its international successes on the market of Spain,Andorra,Germany,Holland,Denmark,United Kingdom,Egypt,Iran, United Arab Emirat and Hong Kong.

Our Show Room in Marbella offer different services: collection shows,sales to international firms, information about franchise,services for firms that want create for JACKIE Jean group,staff training for franchise,assessment and supervision of the design of personalized collections.

JACKIE Jean has specialized in harmonising the needs of women fashion clothing in a society that is constantly changing, cambining an innovative and modern style with the use of the best quality of materials. Our caring and delicate understanding of fashion allows to work with a very personal style,recognized by select public yet able to show an individualism in the industry without renouncing our own interpretation coming from prime soure of inspiration.

JACKIE Jean designs for a women that looks for comfort and elegance in clothes, always adding a distinctive touch of daring, without being over bearing or limited in the use of materials.